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Summer Wings

Do you dream of flying an airplane but not yet old enough to drive a car? Do you want an exhilarating summer experience that will give you a memory to last a lifetime? GFT Aerospace College has the program for you. Our Summer Wings Camp will provide you with the exposure to know if becoming a pilot is in your future. Our one and two-week summer flight programs are jam-packed with excitement and activities that will give you lots to talk about as you head back to school in the fall. This program introduces the exciting world of aviation through classroom and flight training, aviation-related tours and activities. All training completed may be credited towards future aviation licenses.


Minimum Age: 12 years and up
Aviation Medical: Category 4 (Medical Declaration) or higher

Course Contents and Requirements

The Summer Wings program is an introduction to becoming a pilot, using the Cessna 152. The flight and ground syllabus brings the level of knowledge and skill close to the first solo flight (without the instructor). Those who qualify may extend training to actually complete the first solo flight.

Dual Flight Time: 10 hrs
Preparatory Ground Instruction: 10 hrs
Ground School: 15 hrs

Upon Completion

Once all training is completed, participants will receive a record of the training completed, a picture taken with their favorite aircraft, and an experience that will last a lifetime. Participants may at any time decide to continue training toward a career in aviation or a licence for Recreation.

For more information and course costs, please call us at 1-877-438-2359 or email us at

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