Producing professional pilots since 1992

Why Choose GFT Aerospace?

GFT is in a unique position to offer you more than just a Commercial Licence. GFT has a plan that will see you begin your aviation career as a student pilot and transition into airline operations as our sister company is a Tier Three Carrier for Air Canada in addition to our Charter and Medevac operations.
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GFT prepares pilots for the real world of aviation. GFT strategically located in Gander Newfoundland is well positioned as a flight training facility. GFT students experience four seasons. This proves to be beneficial because students experience real world weather conditions and can avoid the label “sunshine pilots”.

Rewarding Careers

GFT has been producing professional pilots since 1992 and as a result use our industry resources to assist our graduates obtain employment should you choose to stay in Canada. Graduates have been hired at Labrador Airways, Provincial Airlines, Air Canada Jazz, Government Air Services (Medevac and Air Tanker Crews), Prince Edward Air, Hicks and Lawrence, Universal Helicopters, Canadian Helicopters, Bearskin Airlines, Thunder Airlines, Buffalo Airways, and Bombardier Aerospace just to name a few.

Trust and Experience

GFT maintains a highly skilled and motivated staff operating from a new state-of-the-art facility. The President/CEO is an experienced CL215 pilot with Newfoundland and Labrador Government Air Services in forest fire detection and suppression operations. This helps GFT keep its finger on the pulse of the aviation industry while providing essential contacts with various air operators, translating into employment opportunities for GFT graduates.

In addition, GFT / EVAS is a tier three carrier for Air Canada using a Beech 1900D. The students at GFT work in a professional environment surrounded by elements of the aviation industry in action, co-existing with commercial pilots, medevac operations and charter flights all under the same roof.

Several pilots with Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz provide advanced instruction and conduct flight tests at GFT Aerospace College. The experience and expertise of these active industry pilots provide students with exposure to the airline industry, while motivating them toward success.

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