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Air Cadet Scholorship

Gander Flight Training and the Air Cadet League of Canada – NL
Partner to offer $2000 Scholarship to inspiring Pilots.

Mr. Gord Butt Manager of Gander Flight Training and Mr. Gary Pinsent, Chairperson of the Air Cadet League of Canada, Provincial Committee; sign a Memorandum of Understanding that will offer a $2,000.00 scholarship to the Air Cadet community in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Not only is the company offering $2,000.00 to a deserving Newfoundland & Labrador Air Cadet interested in continuing his/her aviation training to the attainment of a Commercial Pilot’s Licence with Gander Flight Training, GFT is also offering free of charge, its facilities as well as the advantage of Professional Flight Instructors to Air Cadets interested in preparing themselves to undertake the qualifying examination in the initial process to obtain their Private Pilot’s Licence. The League and Gander Flight Training envision those interested and dedicated senior Air Cadets to take advantage of such an offer. Considering the vast geographic region it is anticipated that air cadets coming from as far away as Clarenville, the Eastport-Glovertown area, Indian Bay, Gambo, Gander, Lewisporte, Bishop Falls, Grand Falls-Windsor and Springdale will take advantage of this offer, although the invitation is open to the entire province.

Pinsent said, “The Air Cadet League of Canada applauds this leadership initiative taken by Gander Flight Training. The scholarship in itself is a significant amount to offset the cost for a Commercial Pilot’s Licence, but the benefits of receiving free ‘ground school type’ training will give deserving Air Cadets an extra advantage with their initial written and oral examination.

Mr. Butt, said, “all of the professionals currently employed with Gander Flight Training, including those that attained their initial training from the Air Cadet Programme and are looking forward to working with the Air Cadets as their way of ‘giving something back’, GFT believes in this program and what it gives to the province and to the kids directly.”

Both the Air Cadet League of Canada and Gander Flight Training view the Memorandum of Understanding as a positive step and look forward to a long relationship in the attainment of Air Cadet flying goals.

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