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GFT Staff

GFT Aerospace College has a dynamic team of professionals motivated to ensure your experience at GFT exceeds your expectations. Our staff positions range from various knowledgeable instructors to skilled technical staff to a focused and driven management team.

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Facilities & Equipment

GFT Aerospace College is located in a brand new state of the art facility at Gander International Airport that is designed to meet and exceed student needs. Training equipment include well equipped aircraft and a modern flight simulator.

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GFT Aerospace College has a fleet of 17 aircraft to meet the diversified training needs of its effective approach to training for the real world. Aircraft range from various single engine aircraft equipped for land, sea and snow operations to Instrument-Certified multi-engine aircraft. A helicopter and a certified flight simulator complete the compliment giving GFT the ability to offer one of the most diverse and effective flight training programs in Canada, if not the world.

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Flight Simulator

The purchase of the Modular Flight Deck (MFD) Flight Simulator by Precision Flight Controls in the Spring of 2002 has allowed for great enhancements to GFT programs. This full-cockpit flight simulator may be configured for single-engine, multi-engine, and even turbine aircraft allowing it to be used during all phases of training, from the Private Pilot Licence all the way up to 2-Crew Turbine and Airline Operations training.

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Company Profile

GFT Aerospace Technologies incorporates several operational divisions including Aerospace Repair and Overhaul with certifications in Composite Repair, Aviation Welding and Sheet Metal Fabrication. Other divisions include Professional Flight Training, Aircraft Charter, Sales & Service ...all located in a new, state of the art complex specifically designed to meet all operational needs.

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