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Human Factors in the Flight Deck

Taught by an Airline Captain, this course is an airline-oriented mix of Crew Resource Management (CRM), Pilot Decision Making (PDM) and Multi-Crew Operations normally covered at the airline level. Participants will be better prepared to enter the more complex aviation environment on larger aircraft, and will have a better understanding of human physiology and relationships in the flight deck. This course is recognized by Transport Canada to satisfy requirements for PDM and CRM training. This reconfirms our commitment to maintaining airline standards at GFT, and preparing graduates for the real world of aviation.

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance

This course is designed using a series of case studies which reveals that often a series of human errors are the cause of accidents. The focus of the workshop centers around what can happen to cause a well-meaning AME to make a maintenance error and also what can be done to break the chain of events which could lead to an accident. Transport Canada requires that personnel involved with maintenance activities complete this training.

Company Aviation Safety Officer

Air carriers require a Safety Management System which includes a Company Aviation Safety Officer, who plays a large part in developing and maintaining the company culture toward safety. This seminar will assist company safety personnel in developing and maintain a Safety Management System that best suits their company environment. This course is recognized by Transport Canada. Normally two days are required to complete this course, but it may be accelerated to a one day session with previous preparation.

Wilderness Survival

Many places in the world provide challenges to survival if in a situation where help may be hours or days away. This course provides the participant with knowledge and skills that could save lives someday. At the same time it builds character, strengthens team skills and peer relationships. The scenario-based challenges and adventures encountered in this course will be remembered for years to come.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Many air operators require flight crew to receive training in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Having this course already completed eases the training process for potential employers, and is certainly a smart addition to a pilot's portfolio. This course is recognized by Transport Canada.

First Aid

GFT offers St. John Ambulance Standard and Emergency First Aid to students. This course is recommended no matter what career a participant is pursuing, as the skills learned here can help save lives someday.

Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health and Safety is the discipline concerned with preserving and protecting human property and resources in the workplace. The aim of the training is to give OH&S committees and representatives the basic knowledge they require to fulfill their duties and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations. This training is required in all workplaces.

Workplace Hazardous Material Information System

WHMIS applies to Hazardous Materials that are intended for use in the workplace. This training will help you understand the information found on product labels which will help you to work safely with the controlled products at your worksite.

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