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Airline Career Training

The following courses are offered to students at GFT enrolled in either of the Professional Commercial Pilot Programs. We recommend that graduates add the completed courses to their resume as many companies look for this kind of training background. These courses may also appeal to air carriers as some of the courses are required by Transport Canada. Anyone interested in attending any of the following seminars may contact us for start dates and course costs. Some of the courses are contracted out to partner companies or organizations.

Technical Training Programs

Critical Customer Care (1 day)

Advanced Aircraft Avionics & Systems (2 days)

King Air 200 Technical Ground School (2 days)

Beech 1900 Technical Ground School (2 days)

Dash 8 Technical Ground School (3 days)

Airline Operations Seminar (2 days)

Safety Enhancement Training Programs

Human Factors in the Flight Deck (2 days)

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (2 days)

Company Aviation Safety Officer (2 days)

Wilderness Survival (3 days)

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (2 days)

First Aid (1-2 days)

Occupational Health and Safety

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Authorized Service Facility EVAS Air

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