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Aerial Sightseeing

Come and visit Newfoundland's beauty from the sky!

Come and visit Newfoundland's beauty from the sky!Let one of our experienced pilots take you on a majestic adventure through our beautiful province.

Whether it is whale watching in our picturesque harbors, viewing the magnificent icebergs off our rugged coast, or acquiring a completely different perspective of our spectacular national parks. We can truly reveal the beauty of this province to you.

Are you a Newfoundlander looking for a new experience? Why not check your house or town from the air!Discover it for yourself TODAY!

To Book Please Call: 709-256-7484 or Toll-Free: 1-877-438-2359
E-mail: tours@gft.ca or use our contact us page.

Newfoundland Sights to See

Explore the rugged beauty our unique Province has to offer. Choose any region below to begin your one-of-a-kind journey with us. EVAS Air Charters can take you there to view these amazing displays of splendor from the sky.

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"You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky"

Amelia Earhart


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