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Seaplane Endorsement

Every pilot should experience the enjoyment of seaplane flying. It expands your flying ability and employability, while providing an incredible adventure that will not soon be forgotten. GFT offers a 7.0 hour seaplane endorsement on the Cessna 172.

Advanced training consists of 43 hours total time, to be conducted following completion of the 7.0 hours for the Seaplane Endorsement. This course focuses on improving the skills and introducing andvanced training that will best prepare you for employment as a seaplane pilot using the Cessna 172.

Advanced Seaplane Training

Minimum Age: 17 years old
Aviation Medical: Category 3 or higher
Aviation Licence: Private Pilot Licence or higher

Course Contents and Requirements

The Seaplane Endorsement is usually conducted on the Cessna 172, which has been upgraded with a STOL Kit (Short Takeoff and Landing) and a 180 HP engine. Once adequate skills are attained, students may decide to gain some flight experience by continuing on with the additional 43 hours of flight time.

Dual Flight Time: 6.5 hrs
Solo Flight Time: 0.5 hrs
Ground School: 5 hrs
Flight Test: Not Required
Written Examinations: Not Required

The Advanced Seaplane Training Program will be conducted on the Cessna 172. This program will enhance water handling and seaplane flying skills under various conditions that are not possible to cover at length during the Basic Seaplane Course. This program begins where the seaplane endorsement ends and will provide graduates with a total of 50 hours seaplane flight experience. During the solo flight time, an instructor will accompany students to monitor skill development. The hours listed below may include more dual and less solo depending on instructor discretion and aircraft handling techniques.

Dual Flight Time: 3 hrs
PIC Flight Time: 40 hrs
Ground School: 2 hrs
Flight Test: Not Required
Written Examinations: Not Required

Course Schedule

The Seaplane Training Programs are generally offered from May to October, depending on weather and ice conditions. The Seaplane endorsement usually takes 2 to 3 days to complete depending on weather, consistency in performance and scheduling. The advanced training generally requires 2 to 3 weeks subject to the same conditions for the endorsement. Candidates may enroll for the Seaplane Training Programs at any time.

Upon Completion

Graduates of the Seaplane Endorsement Program will receive the Seaplane Rating. This enables the graduate to fly any seaplane in the category stated on the licence. Graduates of the Advanced Seaplane Program generally find related employment easier because of the increased level of experience and competency employers are looking for. GFT will assist successful graduates of this program in the search for employment.

For more information and course costs, please call us at 1-877-438-2359 or email us at

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