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Multi-Engine Rating

The Multi-Engine Rating will allow you to fly an aircraft with two or more engines. This Rating is part of the Integrated program, and may be combined with the modular Commercial Pilot Licence. The Multi-Engine Rating is required for most aviation careers.

All applicants applying for any program/licence must submit a Criminal Code of Conduct and Vulnerable Sector Screening check. Contact your local RCMP office for more information.

Applicants for all programs must be able to obtain a passport.


Minimum Age: 17 years old
Aviation Medical: Category 3 or higher
Aviation Licence : Private Pilot Licence

Course Contents and Requirements

There is no minimum flight time or ground school required by Transport Canada for the Multi-Engine Rating. The candidate is required to meet the prescribed standards on a Multi-Engine flight test which includes both ground and air components. GFT uses the PA44-180 Piper Seminole for this training.

Dual Flight Time: 8.8 hrs
Solo Flight Time: 1.2 hrs
Preparatory Ground Instruction: 2.0 hrs (one-on-one instruction)
Ground School: 12 hrs
Flight Test: Completed by qualified TC Approved Examiner
Written Examinations: Not required

Course Schedule

Course Duration is usually 1 to 2 weeks depending on suitable weather and student performance. Candidates may begin training for the Multi-Engine Rating at any time.

Most candidates continue immediately into the instrument rating program as most multi-engine aircraft operate under instrument conditions. The next step for most graduates is to complete selected airline career training if not already completed within the curriculum.

For more information and course costs, please call us at 1-877-438-2359 or email us at

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