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Wings of Integrity Scholarship

GFT Aerospace College offers a “Wings of Integrity” Financial Scholarship to applicants for professional flight training courses. This scholarship was donated by the owners and operators of GFT in memory of a good friend and colleague, Mr. Duane Hicks Senior.

This $2000.00 training scholarship, announced at the Wings Ceremony held on October 3, 2003 , is available to applicants beginning September 2004. To commemorate this event, a framed picture was mounted near the entrance to GFT with the following statement:

Proudly dedicated in memory of Duane Hicks November 10, 1937 - September 1, 2003, of Hicks & Lawrence Ltd., Ontario . A true friend of GFT.

Duane shared his love of flying by giving young pilots a chance to spread their wings. He shared his wisdom in business by example…the honor of a handshake and the solid integrity of his word. A foundation from which any pilot can soar.

This scholarship will be awarded annually in memory of Mr. Hicks in an attempt to clear the runway so that those deserving of it may also find...

Wings of Integrity

Scholarship Application

To be eligible for this award, applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

Complete course application, and be accepted for a Commercial Pilot Program at GFT (click here for online application).

Provide copy of High School Diploma (or transcript if graduating from Level III in current year) showing overall average of 65% or greater.

Submit a 250 word essay stating why you want to become a pilot (may be emailed to

Complete and submit the scholarship application below:

Required Information:

  1. Your Name:
  2. Address:
  3. Phone Number:
  4. E-mail:
  5. High School:
  6. Course Applied For:
  7. Start Date of Course:

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