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Written Testimonials

Julio T. Mozer

My name is Julio and I hold both Canadian and Brazilian citizenship. Throughout my flight training GFT was by far the best school I have ever attended. Everything at GFT is GREAT from front desk staff to Evas pilots. Before joining GFT I was in two other school and the experience was just TERRIBLE, I left the two previous school because the mentality was "The instructors and the school were the customers, not the students". At GFT this was never the case, whatever I was promised during my visit to the school I ended up getting, perhaps even more, I got ride home almost every day. The school runs a family environment, for numerous time Pat white and Gordon Butt sat down with me and asked me about the school, about my learning progress, about Brazil. That only showed me how much they actually care about their students. The instructors were all excellent, always very attentive and always willing to teach whether I was their student or not. Thank you, Julio T. Mozer

Craig & Shona

Wasn't difficult to come up with wonderful things to say about our experience, thanks so much!! Here it is Unforgettable.....Amazing.....Fun!!! Just a few of the words I would use to describe our experience at Gander Flight Training School. The staff were so courteous and helpful, taking the time to explain everything to us and even walking us to our car and seeing us off. We came for an aerial charter flight and both left wanting to get our Recreational Pilots License. We would highly recommend GFT to anybody and have shared our memorable experience with many already. We have ordered our Pilots Registration packages and GFT will definitely be seeing more of us!

Megan Keeping

I started as a student with Gft in 2006 when I was 17 and fresh out of high school. The staff were very helpful in making the transition into post secondary education. Gft's fares are competitive with the industry and the wide variety of people make it a great place to train. I graduated the cpl program and then moved into the instructor rating where I was hired as soon as my course was finished. I worked as a flight instructor for two years where i gained some very valuable flying skills. "the best pilots are trained in Atlantic Canada, because they are faced with so much adverse weather" air Canada jazz capatin. After instructing I moved onto another company to peruse my career but I will be forever grateful for the life lessons Gft has provided me. Very knowledgable and skillfull instructors, as we train our own students to the high standard we have set out for Gft. good luck in your endeavors wherever you choose to go!

Anthony Miller

I started in September 2009, completed the Commercial, Multi and IFR very quickly and then went on to become an Instructor all at GFT.

I Instructed for about a year and now I fly Beech 1900D for EVAS Air. This was made possible by GFT's Career Progression Program.

Mohan Tyagi

I am from India. I completed my Instructor Rating, Multi Engine Rating and IFR at GFT. GFT hired me as a Flight Instructor the day I graduated. After about a year, and because of GFT's Career Progression Program I was moved to a First Officer Position on one of their Beech 1900Ds. I am now flying passengers around Newfoundland and Labrador. This is a great place to fly and to learn how to fly.

Justin Parsons

I was a student at GFT. I left to pursue other interests but later returned as a Flight Instructor. I enjoyed Instructing but when the opportunity came to move into the airline division I jumped at it. I am now a First Officer on the Beech 1900D.

Sean Dunphy

I am Captain on the 1900D at GFT/EVAS. I started as a student, became a flight instructor and then later moved into a First Officer position on the airline side. I would recommend this to anyone.

Peter Glavine

I was a student at GFT and now I'm Captain on the airline side. Because I was a student at GFT I had the opportunity to move into a real Airline position. I started as a student, then Flight Instructor, then an FO with EVAS and moved up to Captain.

GFT has a great atmosphere to learn as a student and great people. It is a fun place to be and it seems that they really care about their student's progress.

I would recommend GFT to anyone, especially if you are looking for a career in aviation.

James Bennett

I went through GFT's Career Progression Program. I was a student with no experience. GFT took me in and provided me with the best education.

Once I finished my Commercial Pilot Licence I enrolled in GFT's Instructor Rating Program. They hired me on the spot. I Instructed for a while and then they moved me to a First Officer position on the Beech 1900D. Less than a year later I was promoted to Captain.I would recommend this to anyone.

David Randell

I was a student at GFT. The Instructors were great as well as the staff. GFT really does treat their students as number one. I was a part of their Career Progression Program, it's great. I was promoted from dispatch to First Officer on a Beech 1900D flying a scheduled run. You can't get much better than that.

Sam Newman

An expansive fleet and many qualified instructors help override the all season weather in Gander. In fact the weather conditions endured throughout training and the experience handed down from the instructing staff helped to make me the good pilot I am today. Where else could you do a Commercial, Multi and IFR in less than 18 months and have an airline job as soon as you finish? The career Profession Program is great! GFT has great staff, great facilities and actually care about the student and their success.

Jamie Peddle - Graduated June 2010

My experience at GFT was totally awsome. There was no waiting for anything, in fact it did not even feel like school. I also finished under budget, that was great!

Emmanuel Deriaz

My instructors were very competent and nice peoples, and the aircraft was always available when only took my few days to get done with the multi-ifr, which is ideal when time is an issue.

Taylor Searle

GFT’s flexibility allowed me to go through the program at a fast pace, great staff and great times.

Dan Jacobson

Convenient service and a very friendly staff. Could not have asked for a better experience.

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Sam Newman

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David Randell

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Jared Bennett

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